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When we were looking for a home in Lincolnwood, we found a house that was particularly attractive, and the finishes were the high level we were looking for. We wanted a elevator in our new home, and as it turned out, that house could not accommodate one. We learned that the house had been built by Ted Lazar of America’s Custom Homebuilders. We bought a lot in the Lincolnwood Towers area and contacted Ted Lazar. The project required tearing down the existing house and building an expanded version of the original house, with an elevator, of course.

Ted introduced us to his partner, Kathy Andrews, who shares running projects and handles many of the myriad details, including all the numbers. They took on this project with zeal. The existing house was down, the new foundation in, and the house framed and closed-in by two months later, despite starting the job in the November weather.

We were out of town during most of the construction, but Ted and Kathy kept us informed with emails and photos. They kept us in the decision process all along as we selected finishes, fixtures, and appliances. When we were back in late Spring we met most of the trades that had worked on the house. Ted has a fine group of talented sub-contractors, most originally from Europe, who do top quality work.

Throughout the project, Kathy always had all the numbers ready, available, and she always had them right. She hands on with the many details necessary to wrap up the work and get the required approvals for our eventual occupancy. She and Ted are an awesome team.

This was a large project; it was brought in on budget and within a tight schedule. Any smaller project would be a piece of cake for this terrible twosome. I highly recommend them for any size project you have.

– Robert Archer (Google+)
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