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Retina Institute of Illinois, Huntley

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Retina Institute of Illinois in Huntley – Commercial Project

September 12, 2019

Built a 1,932 sq. ft . eye doctor’s office that prioritizes patient comfort, efficient operations, and a professional and inviting atmosphere.

Retina Institute Of Illinois Entrance link

Reception Desk link

Reception Desk Behind link

Reception Desk Front link

Reception Waiting Room link

Server Room link

Office Hallway link

Exam Room Desk link

Exam Room Sink link

Exam Room Ceiling link

Eye Exam Room 1 link

Eye Exam Room 1a link

Eye Exam Room 2 link

Eye Exam Room 2a link

Eye Exam Room 3 link

Eye Exam Room 3a link

Eye Exam Room Screen link

Hallway Station link

Procedure Room 1 link

Procedure Room 2 link

Doctors Office link

Break Room link

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