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Community Animal Rescue Effort Adoption Center

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Community Animal Rescue Effort Adoption Center Commercial Construction Project

February 1, 2013

Transformed a warehouse into a 17,452 sq. ft. animal adoption center for dogs and cats that contains kennels, catico’s, a veterinary exam room and many introduction rooms which have features of living rooms to get to know the animals.

Building Sign Front View link

Building Entrance link

Building Street View link

Grand Opening link

Building Sign Night View link

Community Area Mural link

Community Area link

Community Area View link

Catio link

Catio Area link

Additional Catio Areas link

Catio 2 link

Catio 3 link

Catio Play Area link

Storage area link

Break Room link

Break Room 2 link

Volunteer Lounge link

Dog Play Room link

Dog Adoption Room link

Dog Intake link

Dog Kennel Area link

Dog Feeding Counter link

Small Dog Cages link

Wellness Room link

Wellness Exam Room link

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